Humanity United

Building peace and advancing human freedom


We live in an era when solutions for some of the most persistent global problems are finally within reach. The convergence of several trends, such as the development of robust global social networks, the surge of innovation among civil society organizations, the emergence of new international institutions, and the growth of innovative forms of technology has made it possible for a vibrant global community to harness new tools that can effectively advance significant and meaningful change.

Yet, at the same time, the challenges may have never been greater. Hundreds of thousands of people have died and millions more have suffered as a result of the ongoing genocide in Darfur. Children around the world go to sleep in fear of being abducted and forced to become child soldiers. Men and women who are held captive by slave masters work arduously with little hope of freedom. Unfortunately, the advancements of this modern era seem to be matched only by greater depths of human suffering.

Humanity United was founded in the belief that we are all united together in the challenges and opportunities we face. It is perhaps best described through the idea of Ubuntu. Archbishop Desmond Tutu described it well when he said, "My humanity is caught up, is inextricably bound up, with others. We belong in a bundle of life. A person is a person through other people."

We believe that mass atrocities and modern-day slavery are two of the worst ways that humans inflict suffering on one another. But we also believe that solutions exist, though many have yet to be fully realized.

Over the past few years, we have come to understand that an effective, long-term strategy to ending these injustices must involve fundamental changes in the laws and norms that allow these practices to continue. These are complex problems, and the search for solutions requires focus and long-term commitment. We intend to bring together and support the best in research, policy, and advocacy to finally and permanently end modern-day slavery, mass atrocities, and related crimes against humanity.

In the spirit of Ubuntu, Humanity United partners with individuals and organizations around the world that are inspired by the opportunity to end mass atrocities and modern-day slavery and are committed to the challenge such an opportunity presents.

We believe in the power of ordinary individuals to bring about extraordinary change. When humanity is united, we can act together to create a powerful force for human dignity.

Pam Omidyar

Founder and Board Chair

Randy Newcomb

President and CEO