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November 08, 2011-Commodities, Programs, Grantee News, Modern-Day Slavery

PBS NewsHour: Gold lures illegal miners to Peru's rainforests

Watch Gold Lures Illegal Miners to Peru's Rainforests on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

Watch this special report on the effects of illegal mining in Peru—including human trafficking—from journalist Steve Sapienza, which aired last night on "PBS NewsHour." Sapienza's coverage was supported by the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting, a grantee of Humanity United.

Humanity United partnered with the Pulitzer Center earlier this year through a $150,000 grant to increase coverage of the relationship between common consumer products and the raw materials used to make them—namely, the effects those industries bring to surrounding communities, such as human trafficking and forced labor. The Pulitzer Center has been covering environmental and labor issues related to extractive industries and commodities for several years, closely examining the impact these industries have on communities living in resource-rich areas. Supported by Humanity United's grant, the Pulitzer Center has commissioned a series of interrelated reporting projects on gold, shrimp, and palm oil, highlighting the labor exploitation issues involved in each.

The Pulitzer Center is currently showcasing the work of its photojournalists at the "Beyond Witness" exhibit at FotoWeek D.C., through Nov. 12.

This partnership is part of Humanity United's focus to increase awareness about human trafficking in the supply chain, particularly in the production of agricultural and extractive commodities—the point in supply chains where we believe forced labor and other severe forms of modern-day slavery are at their worst.

Humanity United also provided a $100,000 grant to the Pulitzer Center in 2010, to support its focus on Sudan.