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May 03, 2012-Humanity United News, Advocacy, Democratic Republic of Congo, Staff Notes, International Criminal Court

Humanity United Joins Coalition of 142 NGOs to Call for Arrest of Congolese Warlord


Federico Borello is an Investment Director based in Humanity United’s Washington, D.C. office. Read Federico’s post on another war criminal, Thomas Lubanga, and his recent International Criminal Court verdict here.

The case of Bosco Ntaganda clearly shows how the perpetuation of impunity is continuing to affect the lives of civilians in Eastern Congo. Wanted by the International Criminal Court for war crimes, calls for his arrest have fallen on deaf ears for the last three years.

Soldiers under Ntaganda’s command were repeatedly accused of murder, rape, extortion, torture, arbitrary arrest and other abuses. His personal involvement in these violations has been repeatedly documented by Human Rights Watch and other organizations. Yet the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo and even members of the international community insist that Ntaganda is necessary for peace in the region, and cannot be arrested.

Needless to say, North Kivu saw no peace under Ntaganda’s rule, only terror and violence. At a time when Ntaganda is once again on the offensive—he recently abandoned his post in Goma and effectively started a new rebellion—we at Humanity United felt it was necessary to add our voice to a coalition of 142 human rights organizations to tell international and Congolese policymakers that Ntaganda’s arrest cannot be postponed any further. We are also proud to join 132 Congolese NGOs in this effort.

The argument that a presumed war criminal is necessary for peace is finally losing appeal, even in policy circles. Ntaganda must be arrested to advance peace and justice in the Kivus.

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